About BitBallot

In today's busy world, its getting harder and harder for groups to find times when all their members can sit down and give input on new ideas, vote on new officers, or simply pick the next company picknick date. Whether formally or informally, this used to be done through simple paper ballots. For insecure questions, this was a simple and efficient method, unless you were the person who had to count 150 ballots.

But there are just some votes that need to be secure. There are times when the number of voters is more then you can count in any resonable time. For times like this, BitBallot is here to help.

BitBallot is an online voting service, easy to setup and use. The system allows for both candidate voting, completely with picture and desciptions, or more survey styled questions with straight forward choices. BitBallot is excellent for

  • Elections
  • Referendums
  • Surveys
  • Any combination you can think of!

BitBallot was designed after trying competators and left feeling like something was missing. In addition to a great ease of use and straight forward interface, BitBallot offers the unique Tag system. Often a vote will have common questions for everyone, and special questions only for certain groups. Other voting services would have you create multiple ballots, but why put your voters through the extra steps? Our Tab system allows you to create one ballot, and specify which questions appear to which voters!